Delamay Devi Bio
A yogini, mentor, foodie, writer and a lover of yoga and movement. Delamay was a born and raised in Byron Bay, Australia. After being based in Europe for 11 years she feels very blessed to now divides her time between Australia, Europe and Asia, following the sun and offering immersions, trainings and retreats in many beautiful parts of the world. With a background in dance it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the natural flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. Delamay has a number of self produced DVD’s and runs a popular online yoga mentorship program with the intention of supporting yogis at different stages of the path. She assists Shiva Rea and the Prana Flow tribe throughout the year and is excited to be part of the Osaka Spirit Festival! For more details please visit